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Pono Life Sciences is an industry leader in the production of botanical and neutraceutical therapeutic regimens. Grounded in research and driven towards safety and efficacy, Pono is advancing the industry’s gold standard.



“Rising Above the Opioid Crisis: Medical Cannabis Insurance Reimbursement & A New Wave of Legal Cannabis in Hawaii”

This white paper frames the issues and challenges facing the burgeoning medical cannabis space as they relate to the ongoing dilemma of responsible pain management. It illuminates the need for communication and collaboration to address a health crisis and to maximize the public health potential of medical cannabis. Only together can we save lives, improve quality of life, and innovate toward better outcomes.


We Are a Coalition

We are a coalition of medical, legal, and business leaders deeply commited to responsibly establishing and advancing product and educational solutions in the realm of botanical therapies and functional foods.

Core Tenets

Advancing Life Science

We are key-opinion leader physicians, experienced management and top-tier legal and professional service providers driving a gold standard in botanical medicines and nutraceuticals.

Promoting Wellness

We apply outcomes-based research to validate benefits and optimize our ancillary product, education, and training strategies throughout the value chain.

Acting Responsibly

Hawaii-owned, we align fully with local issues and work in tandem with our local lawmakers and healthcare experts to effect positive outcomes for all community stakeholders.


Pono strives to be the preeminent nutraceuticals industry leader. Our mission is to keep the patients’ needs centered in all aspects of our organization. This patient-centric approach drives our scientific inquiry and allows our company to design, build and operate a vertically integrated plant to patient business. This philosophy allows us to continually set the industry’s standard.


Pono Life Sciences will establish and apply best-practices when developing next generation nutraceutical and botanical remedies. Through our company’s collaborative efforts with lawmakers and healthcare experts, we will ensure that only the highest standards are employed when developing our business and products. We insist on responsibly striving to provide remedies specifically tailored to a patient’s needs, improving their quality of life and promoting overall wellness.


Pono Life Sciences makes the conscious decision towards behaving responsibly as a company, with particular attention to its community and its environment.


At Pono, social responsibility is in our name, and therefore intrinsic to everything we do:

PPatient-Centered and Physician-driven

OOperated Safely: Highly Secure, Financially Sure, and Locally-Owned

NNext generation, Naturally Grown, Knowledge-based, and Scientifically Oriented

OOutstanding service for our patients and our communities.

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